Sheena Espinar !Dubai Visa!

Dear Host Family,

                My name is Sheena Kris, but my family and close friends used to call me Shen and I am a 28 years of age Filipina.  I finished Bachelor of Science in Nursing at The Good Samaritan Colleges Batch 2009 and I am also Registered Nurse. I am a person with initiative, creative mind, fun to be with, and full of stories, simple and love to be with kids as I have took care of my siblings since then my mother went in Israel to work for almost  10 years. I also know how to bike and play volleyball.

                I have a family that is so sweet, supportive and loving. I grew up in a simple yet big family with four siblings, where I learned how to do household chores and most especially take care of my younger brother and sisters. Some of my cousins stay at our house because we study on the same school and its way far from their house. My Father was a retired Army and my Mother worked as a caregiver before in Israel. And now my mother is a plain housewife taking care of our Family and now my father is tricycle driver. At the early age, I developed my sense of responsibility for other people especially for young family members because my mother is not there and I’m the one too busy cooking and doing some stuffs inside the house. Years had passed and I already have my two nephew. One from my eldest brother whom I’m following and the other is from my younger brother next to me. They are both cute and bubbly kids. The first one is Fritz Eizekiel who is now turning to six next year February and the other is Prince Dylan just 2 years old a couple of days ago. Since fritz was a baby, I’m the one in charge of him while her mother is in healing process and as the day passed I can be able to adopt my everyday life having nephew while taking care of my younger sisters. I loved the days being with them especially when his parents used to bring him home and let me take care of her while they are working. It’s really fulfilling to take care a child because it makes you feel young being with them. There I learned how to feed them in the bottle, wash and dress them, and change their diapers. I also tutor my sisters in their studies. As time passed by I need to go abroad because I want to travel a lot and I took the opportunity to take the exam here in Dubai and blessed to pass. When I shift to a new flat I meet one family whose wife is pregnant. The day of her unexpected delivery she gave birth to a premature baby that was the time I realize and feel the calling of taking care a child without any hesitation and the feeling that even if you’re not same blood you will always love to do what makes you happy .There I made a plan of being an au pair as possible as I still can, why not use my capabilities of being with children as well as sharing with them the culture, traditions and language from my home country.

                I love listening to music while doing my task and some of my household chores and especially when I’m happy. I usually think of an extracurricular activities whenever I have free time, I join bible studies and I make handicrafts. I always love to prepare surprises whenever special occasions coming. I can play volleyball, basketball, badminton and I know and love to cook where I learned since I was growing up.

As I already here in Dubai I still wanted to visit many countries because I always wanted to experience different cultures, meet various kinds of people and learn more languages and travel to treasure memories and experience with other people.  Good thing my family is always there to support me in every decision I make and still as I can. Being an au pair, I think, is the best way to make it happen in an easy way. So I am hoping for the best and see you soon my Host Family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sheena Kris M. Espinar

Leeftijd28 years
ErvaringenBaby sitting and childcare experience
ScholingBachelor of Science in Nursing
BeschikbaarFebruary 2018, at this moment in Dubai with a valid visa until November 2018
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