Nadya Nandita !AU PAIR IN GERMANY!

Hello, I am Nadya, I come from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am the first child in the family, I have one sister
16years old and brother 10 years old. Right now I am currently Au Pair in Germany, taking care of two
lovely little girls, 7months old and 3years old.

I could describe myself as a mature, energetic, initiative and a loving person. The reason I want to be
Au Pair in The Netherlands is because I enjoyed being Au Pair in Germany, it improves myself a lot in
every positive aspects. I become more independent and mature. Furthermore, I am eager to learning
new language, besides German language, I am interested also to learning Dutch language too. I have
realized the best way to learning new language is with children, because of them we eager to speak in
the foreign language to communicate with them.

I love listening to children, they fascinate me with the way they see the good and beauty in everything.
It always giving me a good vibes.
In 2015, I also stay in Arnhem, Netherlands for 7months in the purpose of study (pursuing my
bachelor’s degree). I feel my Au Pair time in Germany is really amazing, I would like to do it again in
The Netherlands, and afterwards continuing my study in Master’s degree in Europe or Indonesia when it
is done.

ErvaringenCurrently au pair in Germany (baby of 7 months + a 3 year old)
ScholingBachelor's of Art Degree (Hons) in Communication Sudies
BeschikbaarMay 2018
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