Medina Suci Handayani

My name is Medina from Indonesia. It was always a great dream of mine to live and work in a foreign country as I worked in UK and Shanghai before, and I am really exciting that the next destination country that I would to visit will become reality again soon. I would like to go to Netherlands because I think it is a beautiful country with its beautiful architectures and cityscape. I am fascinated by the marvelous city life, art and from the nice people living in Netherlands.

I did my bachelor degree in Architecture engineering in Jakarta also my Post Graduate degree in Urban Design Major in Scotland – Glasgow. I am a creative and ambitious young woman because I have a lot of ideas about my future. I am interested in all kinds of sports and activities and for this reason I want to go to The Netherlands, as I like to see the architecture, nice buildings, landscape and goo life style there, I also like the culture and foods. In 2013 I worked in an office in Jakarta as Architect for a government company. I helped to manage the project, controlling the budget, time schedule, monthly meeting, technical drawing and stuffs.

I used to be a course teacher for children in my neighborhood where I was teaching English and math for a group of children mainly toddlers and between 6 – 10 years old in 2010 – 2011. The group consists of nearly 20 boys and girls with different characters and interests and it is sometimes difficult to motivate the children. But I like to do this job and it gives me new energy because I really love “my” children. It is important to be punctual because the parents wait for their children. I am cheerful and sensitive for the children’s needs. I started caring for children some years ago. Also I love to babysit my friends’ kids when they are away plus I’m good with get along with children.

My motivation before married and having my own kids, I want to learn how to take care children and also having new experience in my life. I’m good to get along with children and I know how treat them and educate them. I expect being an au pair in Netherlands of course new experience in life, new culture, and living abroad.

My hobbies and interest are drawing, play piano, go to the gym, listening music, and socializing with friends, and reading. I am extro-introvert person who enjoying life, I have many friends and I love to learn new things from them and I am a helpful person. I love being in peaceful place and I don’t like conflict and chaos situation, very capable to do many stuff and I like doing domestic work such as cleaning the house and stuff.

I would be happy to have the opportunity to stay with you for a year.

ErvaringenChildcare Toddlers and children 6/10 years old. BabysitterTeachers course
ScholingPost Graduate Degree Urban Design; Bachelor Degree in Architecture Engineering
BeschikbaarJanuary 2018
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