Courtney Clayton "South Africa"

Courtney Antoinette Clayton is an energized 18-year-old lady from beautiful East London in the west of South Africa. Her father is an inspector at Eastern Cape Liquor Board and her mother is a captain in the saps, the police department of South Africa. Courtney is the oldest sister of two siblings and met responsibilities constantly since they were born. She enjoys taking care of her little brother (4) and her little sister (9) and loves them wholehearted. She is playing with them, making sure they eat properly and having a lot of fun!

In her free time Courtney loves to do a lot of fun activities in the outdoors like playing hockey, swimming and running. She is a cheerful and open-minded girl, who loves to socialize and appreciates a close friendship. Her family and friends are the most important people in her life. That’s why she’s trying to spend a lot of time with them and also traveled to Australia to meet relatives for 5 weeks! J

Courtney speaks excellent English and Afrikaans. Besides that she speaks Xhosa (also one of the official languages in South Africa) and is motivated to learn Dutch during her stay in Holland. It’s important to her to communicate with people, especially with children!

Last year (2016) Courtney graduated from Cambridge High School where she also gained knowledge about first aid and lifesaving. She wants to react fast and accurate in all kind of situations. After school she started to work as a babysitter. J

Courtney has a calm personality and keeps a clear head at all time. She tries to avoid stressful situations since she is sure to find a solution for every problem. Her friends describe her as trustworthy, patient and caring.

Watching children is a passion to Courtney. They bring pride and joy to her. She experienced a variety of challenges by taking care of her siblings, which makes her feel comfortable to watch children of all ages.

Courtney is babysitting children for several years now. Currently she enjoys taking care of two boys, aged 3 and 13. Amongst a lot of other things she is assisting them with homework, preparing lunch and accompanying them to extra activities. Courtney is also watching a little 4-year-young girl from her birth date on, taking care of her during school holidays and weekends. Besides playing educational games, she is also feeding, bathing and singing to her! Taking care of children became a part-time job for Courtney which she really loves! J

Courtney decided to go to Holland because of its long and interesting history. She is very excited to see all the old and historical buildings and learn more about Holland itself. Since she is an open-minded girl she is highly motivated to experience and adapt the European culture and learn Dutch very quick.

After a fascinating year abroad she is planning to continue her studies and keep on with the babysitting.

NationaliteitSouth Africa
Leeftijd18 years
ScholingHigh School; First Aid and Lifesaving
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