Dear My Future Host Family,

I was born in Indramayu, a little city in West Java.I have 2 brothers they are Data (41) and Taka (31). And i have one nephew Zaky (13) that i have taken care from 1 month until 6 months and we were close until now. My father (66) is a salesperson in Indramayu. My mom (66) a housewife which is always be around her children whenever they need their mom.

After graduated from High School, i continued my education to University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) in the major of Accounting. I made a big decision to study in that university because it is so far from my home so i lived alone without my family. After graduated from UMY, i work in a Advertising company as a financial administration officer in Yogyakarta and also had been a private teacher for kindergarten and primary school. A little bit diverged from what i have learnt, but being a tutor and surrounded by children is what i like the most.

I knows exactly how to deal with them. I knows when to be a best friend for them, and when to be a teacher. I am friendly but also can be firm when needed. I take care my nephew, since he was 1 month until 6 months. And i also take care one of my student that her parent divorced.

My life experiences as private teacher and also take care my nephew, made me very patient, responsible, friendly, smart and independent. My wise father always teach me how to be a nice person and how to live simple life and always being humble. My mom always giving full attention to me and my brothers. I am a fast-learner, eager to learn and always wants to improving myself to be a better person.

I want to go to Europe and feeling how would it be to live there because it was one of my biggest dream. Au Pair is a one in a lifetime opportunity to gain great experiences. I want to learn the cultures there, the language, and work attitude of local people to improve myself and make me a better person, more experiences about take care of children because it is useful for my life when i become a mother.. Netherland is a small modern country that i always want to visit one in my lifetime. Netherland is a beautiful country there are many old architecture and I want to gain so much lessons and culture in Netherland and bring it back to Indonesia to help me making my own future business.

I hope to find a loving, friendly host family and accept me as a family member. Hoping to be your au pair as soon as possible and we have good relationship together.

Warm regards,


ErvaringenFirst Aid; Babysitting; Tutering children; Private Teacher Kindergarten/Primary School
ScholingHIgh School Major in Accounting
BeschikbaarDecember 2017
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